Beware of those walking in your shadows. Remember what it was like to look up to someone. be the one who gives them something of value to copy or emulate. Make walking in your shadow priceless or at least valuable!!! let them feel the shade of Jesus and the glow of God.

Why living life out-loud?

Why, why not? So many people are quiet. That’s one thing I have never been accused of being: quiet that is. But that’s not what I mean simply soft words and inside voices. Living life out-loud means that you are who you are, where you are with whoever you are and that gives you the change to be real. Be real all day, all night, when you are home, when you are on vacation and when you are bored knitting on the couch. Okay, to be truthful I would probably never knit on the couch, but if I did I would be all in. Living life out-loud means you brush people’s live and make an impact. Living means growing and changing. Life is what we have been blessed with… daily breath, our heart beating, the chance to eat (yes I said the chance to eat not to live to eat) . It’s where God has placed us to be, be there, all in. Out-loud, well that’s self explanatory. When you think something no one can hear it. When you say it, it’s where everyone can hear it. It’s out in the open. It’s visible. It’s seen. It’s experienced. So living life out-loud means being Jesus where Jesus needs to be. Jesus lived life out-loud. He ate with the wrong crowds, he sat at the table with the wrong hosts and he healed the wrong people. No, he didn’t heal the wrong people, he healed the right people, but the other people thought they were wrong. Be that kind of person: the one that loves people and it can’t be done quietly!